Market Fit

You have created a solution for short-term rental professionals and you are wondering about entering the French market? Let me help you!

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Excellent collaboration with Romain. A true expert in his domain. Knows how to get straight to the most critical point in a situation and drill down where it’s needed. Very thorough and understands the big picture. Highly recommended, and I look forward to hiring his services again.

Alexis Murray-Jones

CEO and Founder, Yoomondo

Romain has been a pleasure to work with, and an asset in terms of bringing a fresh perspective and thought process. His deep understanding of the vacation rental industry, as well as grasp over marketing and sales processes make him a great fit for our needs. He is punctual, diligent and hardworking, and we’d highly recommend working with him!

Anurag Verma

CEO and Co-Founder, PriceLabs

How we will proceed:

Entering a new market requires understanding it. You will benefit from my knowledge of the industry in France, of the actors in place, to determine the prerequisites. Then we’ll choose the best tactics to identify your strengths, weaknesses and collect enough information to allow you to make a decision:


Communication campaign




Focus groups


SEO content strategy

Many key companies in short-term rental industry
trusted me to conquer new customers

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