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Together, let’s accelerate your development

Vacation Rental Tech company?

Avoid pitfalls, accelerate your local setting-up and development in the short-term rental sector with strategic partnerships.

Owner, property manager, concierge, agency?

Get personalized advice and support to automate your operations and increase your profitability.


Take a fresh new look: I help you find the essence of your business, analyze the issues, identify how to progress and (re)position your offer on the French and European markets.


Benefit from a bespoke strategy, suitable to your objectives, your achievements and your resources. I propose you a creative and differentiating approach to go further and reveal the real potential of your activity.


Adopt a brand new approach to reach your goals and open new perspectives. Develop promising partnerships with the expertise and innovative vision of a local digital specialist.


Benefit from a long-term support in a trusting relationship. Partner of your project, I guide you step by step in the implementation of your action plan and in the adjustment of your strategy to reach foreign customers.

For whom?

You are a private individual, an entrepreneur, a firm? You believe in your offer but you feel somehow limited, do not know how to position or develop your business in France or in Europe? With my double hat of service provider and professional solutions user, I perfectly know your job, its constraints and opportunities.


It is often critical to stand back, take a fresh look at your activity and objectively evaluate what has been implemented and accomplished. I help you find the DNA of your project, analyze your situation and adopt the right strategy to adapt yourself to the market’s evolutions and local specificities.

Who am I?

Expert in innovation, with a 10 years experience in digital consulting, including 5 years as Head of SEO and Social Media at RueDuCommerce, my taste for challenges naturally lead me to entrepreneurship. In 2013, I founded the consulting agency Doctor Folimage and accompanied numerous tourism actors. I got specialized in short term rentals in 2016 with the creation of a concierge service and joined the startup BookingSync, leader of vacation rental software, as Business Developer. Today, I am eager to share my experience, my know-how and my network to help you develop your business abroad in a creative and innovative manner.


“We worked in a context where nobody really understood what he was preparing for us (social networks were just starting), but with his flair, his curiosity and his professionalism, he always proposed solutions to make buzz, improve the e-reputation of RueDuCommerce and improve our visibility on the Internet. ”
Yannick Simon


Together, let’s go further !

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