Vacation Rental Expert

” I help short-term rental companies to make their products discovered and adopted. “

Romain Giacalone

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Many key companies in short-term rental industry

trusted me to conquer new customers.

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Business Development

Forget about cold prospection! Together, let’s bring value to professionals in the sector. Through use cases, testimonials and didactic explanations, the solutions you offer will seem obvious and unavoidable.

Romain is with Nuki now for almost 2 years. He helped Nuki to grow in the French market a lot during this time. His network and expertise was the reason that a lot of Short Term Rental companies from France are now happy Nuki customers. Romain has skills in marketing as well as in business development and sales. He is responsible to put Nuki on the map of the French Short Term Rental market. Here at Nuki, we could not be happier to have Romain in our team

Christoph Lückl

Head of B2B, Nuki

Marketing Strategy

Designing a product is one thing, selling it is another. I will help you to make clear your product benefits and thus your product essential to its future users.

Romain has been a pleasure to work with, and an asset in terms of bringing a fresh perspective and thought process. His deep understanding of the vacation rental industry, as well as grasp over marketing and sales processes make him a great fit for our needs. He is punctual, diligent and hardworking, and we’d highly recommend working with him!

Anurag Verma

Co-Fondateur, PriceLabs

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Tips & Ideas from my blog

I share on my blog, ideas, tips and thoughts related to short-term rental business

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