Romain Giacalone

Vacation Rental Expert
passionate, gourmet, creative & dreamer


My story:

Self-educated, I sincerely believe that we can have the life we dream, made of a multitude of adventures. I am curious, I am eager to learn, each collaboration is an opportunity to share my knowledge, my skills, but also to learn from others and to progress as well. That’s why I chose this activity that allows me to surround myself with professionals from different backgrounds and inspiring people. This is also why I decided to share my personal values through my company and to engage with associations and foundations that share the same values.

My values:


I like the idea of a different education, from the youngest age, to raise awareness about ecology but also entrepreneurship, break the codes and show that the models are infinite, but especially that we must not have afraid to create his own path. I chose to support the Ecolo Crèche association, which prepares the citizens of tomorrow for the environmental challenges that lie ahead.

Respect environnemental

The challenge is no longer to sort out its waste, but it is society and humanity that must be transformed in depth. The sea appeases me and helps me concentrate, which is why I support the Surf Rider Foundation and its actions to preserve this environment so precious to me.

Tourism & Vacation Rental references

Ecommerce references

IoT and Objects Connected references

2013 - present

Tourism & Vacation Rental Consultant – Docteur Folimage

2016 - present

Founder – StayInProvence Property Management

2016 - 2018

Marketing & Business Developer – BookingSync


Meetups animation (6 months mission) – Airbnb

2011 - 2012

Head of Social Media – RueDuCommerce

2008 - 2011

Head of SEO – RueDuCommerce

2006 - 2008

Head of SEO – Icare Web Agency

Together, let’s go further!