Take advantage of digital opportunities to boost your business

You are a start-up, a company, a major account, an institution?
Let’s make you shine!


Benefit from the expertise of a professional convinced that digital offers unparalleled worldwide opportunities to communicate effectively.


Reach your local targets by broadcasting your messages on the most suitable channels: website, social networks …

Business Development

Save time and improve your business in France and in Europe thanks to a digital approach, original and innovative methods.


Manage your business’ communication at a distance and develop new in-house skills.
Boost your business now!

Rely on an expert in digital marketing and communication 

First as SEO and social media Manager of RueDuCommerce then as a Consultant for various companies and institutions including L’OrĂ©al and the National Tourist Office of Thailand, my 10 year experience in digital consulting allowed me to acquire a global approach of communication issues. Today, it is driven by the same passion that I strive to understand what motivates you, what the genesis of your business is, in order to take advantage of modern tools to value and promote your brand in France and in Europe

My expertise:


Take a fresh new look: I help you find the essence of your business, analyze the issues and identify thow to improve your activity locally.


Operate the right changes! I offer a strategy and an action plan suitable to your location, your human and financial resources.


Save time and work peacefully! I recommend software and web services that will allow you to automate your processes and work remotely.


Develop your skills and those of your teams! I train you to be able to quickly use these new tools.

Vous souhaitez dĂ©velopper une sociĂ©tĂ© Ă  la pointe de ce qu’il faut faire dans la net Ă©conomie : il est la meilleure personne que je connaisse pour vous aider Ă  progresser !

Vous souhaitez avoir une aura sur internet tels Google, Instagram ou Facebook ou Zappos ? Romain vous expliquera comment faire. Mais attention, il vous proposera surement des projets que vous aurez du mal Ă  suivre, il est ambitieux !!!

Yannick Simon

Co-Fondateur, DGA, CTO, RueDuCommerce

Romain a une connaissance parfaite du marketing “social” et de la crĂ©ation de valeur qu’il peut en rĂ©sulter pour une marque. Sa vision prospective permet d’arriver Ă  point dans la mise en Ɠuvre et donc de garder une longueur d’avance en marketing digital : gage de performance.
Sandrine Decorde

Directeur Stratégie Digitale Marketing, Humensis

Romain est un excellent connaisseur de l’Internet et des RĂ©seaux Sociaux. Connaisseur signifie qu’il sait comment agir mais surtout qu’il sait parfaitement mener une rĂ©flexion en amont pour dĂ©terminer la meilleure approche pour un projet qui veut Ă©voluer, se faire connaĂźtre et optimiser ses performances. Ce type de rĂ©flexion est rare et mĂ©rite d’ĂȘtre signalĂ©. De fait Romain peut ĂȘtre intĂ©grĂ© en amont de mission pour mener le positionnement stratĂ©gie et Ă©galement en aval pour mettre en oeuvre ce qui a Ă©tĂ© retenu. Belle complĂ©mentaritĂ©.
Gauthier Picquart

Co-Fondateur, RueDuCommerce

My expertise for your business

“Do you and your team feel like you are not fully focused on your core business? Are you busy with day-to-day management and can no longer adopt an overall strategic vision? I invite you to take a step back and focus on what you love and know how to do, by adopting new processes and automating everyday tasks with effective and scalable digital tools. Get back to your customers, do what they expect from you and what differentiate you from your competitors. “

Together, let’s go further!

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