Looking for a brand ambassador to boost your growth in Europe?

Get a vacation rental business facilitator based in France!


Benefit from the expertise of a vacation rental expert with a perfect knowledge of the local market and actors.


Build win-win partnerships with other local players and take advantage of the synergies between your activities

Business Development

Adapt and improve your business approach by adopting together with original and innovative development methods.


Improve your reputation thanks to an impactful communication: editorial strategy, public relations, events, webinars …

Save time by collaborating with a professional
who knows the business

As a solution editor and professional user,
I can help you!

PMS, Channel Managers, OTAs, we speak the same language.

After two and a half years in Marketing and Business Development at BookingSync, I acquired a large network, a perfect knowledge of the vacation rental sector’s operations, actors and opportunities.

I can be the privileged partner of your development in Europe, your ambassador on the spot. Forget about translation and jet lag issues,
I’m here for you!

My expertise:

Business Development

Get new business opportunities! As your local representative, I manage physical and virtual sales appointments, provide customer demonstrations and represent your brand at professional events.

Content Strategy

Reach French and European professionals! I translate and adapt your communication tools with the right vocabulary and professional elements of language.


Improve your reputation with an impactful communication! Ambassador of your brand, I manage the local press relations and gather editorial / translation / community management experts for you.

Romain has an extensive knowledge on many aspects of the vacation rental industry, ranging from business (as a property manager) to technology (as a BookingSync expert). His French network + ‘all-in-one’ experience will be no doubt a massive key success factor in the business development plan of your VR company.

Florian Stenström

COO & Co-Founder, BookingSync

My expertise for your project

“As Marketing Manager and Business Developer at BookingSync, I have acquired a large network and know all the good practices of the sector. Founder and manager of a concierge service for the past 3 years, I have a perfect knowledge of how the vacation rental business works. Together, let’s share your solution and / or product with the local agencies and properties managers to make their daily life easier!”

How does it work?

Get a free appointment

Contact me now to discuss your activity. The first appointment by phone is free and allows me to have a global vision of your situation.


Benefit from a personalized approach

For punctual advice or long-term support, I accompany you step by step in your projects.

Reach your goals

Become aware of the real potential of your business and look further through an innovative, creative and proven approach.

Together, let’s go further!