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You are an owner, a property manager, a concierge, a real estate agency? Let’s make your business really profitable.

Make your business profitable quickly by adopting the good practices

Start your activity on good bases by following the advice of a vacation rental expert. Thanks to my network and my experience, I facilitate the launch of your activity by providing you a suitable strategy, easy-to-use tools and winning partnerships.

In 2014, I was nominated Airbnb France Top Host and published the book "Advices of an Airbnb Top Host to rent better" in the wake.

In 2016, I created a concierge service and managed each stage: commercial, logistics, distribution (Airbnb, HomeAway, Booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia) and guests experiences.

I then held the position of Marketing & Business Developer for more than 2 years at BookingSync, where I acquired a perfect knowledge of the leading software in vacation rental and collaborated with the most dynamic conciergeries in Europe (LuckeyHomes, Welkeys, BnbLord , Hostmaker).

Call on a vacation rental expert!

Whether you rent a few properties or hundreds, you know just like me that this activity requires time. I provide recommendations adapted to your needs at each stage of your development.

I manage guest houses
Spend less time in front of your computer and attract more travelers! I help you save time on a daily basis and develop a special contact with your customers.
I am an individual owner
Start using the right tools! I help you choose the best software, at a lower cost and with powerful features, it will help you optimize your rental business.
I am a property manager
Automate now! This is the key to your success and your growth. I have been in your shoes and put at your disposal all the best practices and tips to optimize your business.
I am a real estate agency
Adapt yourself to seize new opportunities! Use your experience and localization to bring renewal to your vacation rental business. I accompany you step by step with modern tools.
I manage +100 rentals !
Use turnkey solutions! I share with you my experience at BookingSync, a leading management software dedicated to important vacation rental managers.
Guests will remember the little touches you have for them. These attentions are the salt of hospitality on Airbnb, which is what makes travelers feel “everywhere at home”. These are the qualities that have been recognized by our community and that have allowed Romain Giacalone to be awarded “Airbnb France Top Host” at our 2014 Host Awards. I am therefore delighted that he has taken the time to write his book to share his advices.
Nicolas Ferrary

CEO, Airbnb France

My expertise for your project

“ Are you starting from scratch? I was in this situation 3 years ago, when I created my conciergerie and I generated a turnover of 125 000 EUR in 2018 with 15 properties. I can help you save time by benefiting from my personal experience, but also by sharing everything I’ve learned as a Business Developer at BookingSync, the leader of vacation rental software. Together, let’s make your daily life easier and accelerate the development of your activity! ”

Welkeys: luggage storage as a service for their guests

After having introduced you to the LuggageHero luggage storage service a few days ago, I wanted to give the floor to a company that has already integrated this type of service and offers it to its travelers. It was after getting in touch with Lena Kocharyan (Regional...

LuggageHero luggage storage: allies for short-term rental managers

As a short-term rental professional, you know that there are a large number of additional services that can improve your travelers’ experience, make your manager’s job easier and that it is sometimes difficult to choose which solutions are useful and relevant.

I present to you today a service that combines many advantages and we will see it, both for travelers, but also for you manager: LuggageHero luggage lockers.

LuggageHero how it works:

LuggageHero (Danish company) offers a luggage storage service in the largest cities in the world. No less than 1400 set points are distributed in more than 40 cities around the world.

LuggageHero solution


  • Each LuggageHero partner business is inspected by the company and must comply with strict specifications to ensure safety and quality of service for travelers.
  • Luggage are not stored in an area accessible to the public
  • A security seal is provided for each piece of luggage stored, ensuring that it has not been opened during storage.


In addition to security measures, LuggageHero insures each piece of luggage stored via its service, at no additional cost to the user, up to 2,500 euros per piece of luggage.

LuggageHero pricing

The cost of storing luggage is very affordable, compared to the service provided.

For example, to store luggage in Marseille, the price will be 1 euro / hour + 2 euros service charge (covering security elements, including the unique seal entrusted for your luggage).

Example : 2 luggages stored for 3 hours = 10 euros

It’s a small price to pay to enjoy the city before or after your stay, arms released.

The price per day is capped at 8 euros (service charges included)

Advantages of LuggageHero for travelers


Possibility to store luggage at destination before picking up or after checking-out accommodation

Trust & Security

You allow a person who probably does not know the destination to store their luggage with confidence.


Extended stay experience, being able to enjoy the city, a visit, a last meal, without having your luggages with you

"Our guest are so happy because of the facilities luggage hero are giving to them as finding the closest place to their apartment to store their luggage.

Super easy to book by the link. Very useful as guest can check the reviews of each place and choose the one they like more"
Stay U-nique Property Management
Stay U-unique

Advantages of LuggageHero for property managers

Brand image

Better perception of your company (brand), because you allowed the traveler to discover a service useful for them and probably solved a problem for them

Time saving

On your side, you save time, because you reduce the solicitations of travelers asking to arrive earlier or leave later, by having anticipated and proposed the LuggageHero solution

Guest reviews

Without perhaps having a major impact, we can imagine that this can contribute to a good rating from the guests

"LuggageHero definitely helped us in providing a better service to our customers. 

Whenever guests requested for someplace where to store their luggage we could not really assist them or simply sent them to some local shops who provided this service, however, it was never really secure as we did not work with those shops and so, couldn't really guarantee anything.

Now, that we have a partnership with LuggageHero we know that we can send our guests to a 100% trusted place and are confident when recommending this place.

Great added value to our business and an even greater added value to the customer experience"

Bonus for short-term rental managers

Add LuggageHero to your communication flow

To date, LuggageHero is integrated with 2 PMS: BookingSync and Guesty. This means that you can very easily integrate the luggage locker proposal into your reservation tunnel.

Depending on the cities where the accommodations you manage are located, you can, depending on the PMS, for example send an e-mail notification x days before the arrival of travelers, indicating the lockers closest to your accommodation or stations / airport in your city.

But you can also very easily recommend LuggageHero to your travelers by registering and getting a personalized link to communicate to them.

Commission on each LuggageHero reservation you generate

The icing on the cake is here!

In addition to helping travelers and you, LuggageHero also offers you a commission on each reservation you generate.

We agree, this will not become your main source of income, given the amount of reservations.

But think carefully, by integrating and offering LuggageHero:

  • you serve your travelers and improve your experience with them
  • you reduce the number of requests from travelers to your teams
  • you earn extra money

So what are you waiting for to delight your guests?

Five ideas to find new properties to manage

There can be many origins to the launch a vacation rental management activity: A real estate agency - with a network and requests from local owners - may wish to develop such an offer. Owners or Airbnb hosts who started rental management for their own property. They...
After listing all the work that Romain has done since October 2013, which has allowed our guest house to take a new take off in a few months; let’s stop at the man.

He is a person of great professionalism with attentive listening and especially an Olympian calm. He quickly understood our needs and our expectations in terms of the evolution of our site. Everything has been rebuilt, redesigned; he knew how to transform the site which did not resemble us any more for a finality which delighted us since the first work undertaken. Again THANK YOU, and of course we strongly recommend it

Claudy & Didier Daimay

4* Guesthouses, A La Claudy

Let’s get started now!