On October 31 and November 1, I had the pleasure of attending the HOST event in London.

Before telling you my story, I would like to congratulate Oliver Hannaford and his team, for this event which was a real success and for his assiduity to check regularly if everything is going well on our stand.

I was there to represent the brand Pricelabs on its stand, inform industry professionals interested in dynamic pricing.

I will tell you the most memorable moment of this event. On October 31st, a manager based in Spain asked me about Pricelabs, I explained the features, the benefits and the time saved.

But she remained a little suspicious and reluctant. Being a property manager myself, I understand that it is sometimes difficult to blindly believe things. So I decided not to argue anymore, but to propose her to come back the next day and to exchange with another Spanish Pricelabs customer, present on the show.

The next day, the two professionals met and exchanged at length. In the end, the one who was not yet a client was delighted, not only to have had an opinion from another professional, but also certainly to broaden the discussion and to realize that they had common problems and could continue the exchanges.

I loved this moment, make this connection. As a property manager, I know how complicated it is to choose a solution or set up a new process that will impact your business and your teams.

So precious, that the next night I thought a lot about what had happened and imagined a concept: a group of innovative short-term rental consultants with strong values.

VR Heroes is born! The idea? Change the rules of the game!

  • Help services providers with support and advice from professionals in the sector, living daily issues related to this profession.
  • Provide managers with listening, experience and unique support.

All guided by strong values.

Curious, interested? Discover the VR Heroes Manifesto and submit us your problem of the moment, we will be happy to exchange with you and help you!