The landscape of connected locks is vast. By the way, I will shortly write a dedicated piece on them. Their uses are numerous. They can be used to secure your home or as a matter of convenience. It’s a treat not to have to look for your keys and to give easy access to home employees, handyman, delivery staff…

Let me introduce you the Nuki connected lock and the whole range Nuki products.

The Nuki brand

One company sticks out in the connected lock landscape. It’s Nuki. An all-around solution with many accessories to suit all the needs.

logo nuki smart lock

The Nuki adventure started back in 2013 in Graz, Austria. This is where the company is located. From this date onward Nuki went through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, developed many accessories and sealed a partnership with Airbnb in 2018.

The Nuki universe

The 2018 Nuki products are:
  • Nuki Smart Lock 2.0
  • Nuki Bridge
  • Nuki Bluetooth Fob
  • Nuki Keypad
  • Nuki Box

gamme produits nuki

Which Nuki products for which needs?

I have a flat to rent and I manage it on my own.

A Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is enough. It is the main Nuki component and is installed on the door cylinder. You can then create a Bluetooth access to be used by either you or your guests with a smartphone.

nuki smart lock

If you are renting your flat with Airbnb, Nuki is fully integrated. You only need to link your Airbnb account with Nuki’s and you’re good to go. With every reservation, an access will be automatically generated. It will be unique, valid for the duration of the stay, and automatically updated in case of cancellation or modification.

I rent several flats for short stays through Airbnb and sometimes on my own:

If you rent one or more flats and not just with Airbnb, you will not be able to generate access codes automatically for each stay.

nuki smartlock bridge

The Nuki Bridge becomes the ideal accessory for your Nuki Smart Lock. The Nuki bridge will link the Nuki Smart Lock to the internet. You can then monitor who enters and exits the flat but also remotely lock and unlock the door.

I rent one or several flats for short stays and I’m worried the guests don’t have a bluetooth-enabled smartphone to open the door:

Nuki has thought of everything and offers a Keypad. It’s a little bluetooth keyboard to mount next to the door. The guests can access the flat with a 6-digit code.

nuki smartlock bridge keypad

The Airbnb sync allows you to generate a bluetooth access and a 6-digit code at the same time.

I don’t want my guests to have to worry about keys, codes on smartphones to open the door:

Once again, Nuki has thought of a comfortable solution: the bluetooth Fob. It’s a tiny bluetooth remote controller. You can attach it to a keyring. Pressing the button will open or close the Nuki Smart Lock.

 nuki smartlock bridge keypad fob

You can sync up to 100 remote controllers with one lock. If one came to be lost, it can be de-activated from within the app.

I rent one or several flats in a building with an intercom and I wish to grant autonomous access:

The Nuki box has been designed for that purpose. However, it must be installed for the entire building so it requires the agreement of all co-owners. It can be seen as an alternative to the Vigik, intercom and codes, thus giving more flexibility to residents. 

en nuki box

Nuki is working on a functionality to enable building access from your flat. It will be available on the first term of 2019.

You must have understood it by now, Nuki addresses various configurations. You can configure an « à la carte » service to free you from the tedious arrival / exit chores while giving you peace of mind.

If you feel Nuki could meet your needs, please feel free to contact me for a special price.