Read books, sleep well, have time with beloved persons and thank inspiring people


I decided to write this article in English, you’ll quickly understand why. I stumbled upon a job offer from the startup Buffer (I’m not sure I do called « startup » I might attracting the thunder of Phil Jeudy) recruiting his community champion, I will not lie down on the job description, the application is made and follows its course, it is not about the possibility of being hired I want to talk, I’ve done in a previous post about that.

This candidature, stirred a lot of things in me, I became interested in the values ​​of Buffer, its employees and of course its founder Joel Gascoigne

Joel is not very old, he is 26 years old, nevertheless his blog posts are full of great wisdom, a wisdom that we tend to attribute to age, but can ultimately be attributed to a state of mind, a way of life

Inspiring me of what Buffer is, values which Joel wants to transmit through Buffer, enormously made me think about who I am, my path and my future.

Having read a lot of English last days, began to make me think in English and that’s why I wanted to write this article in English today.

These last 10 days have been rich, stressful, but rich

Think in English, follow new english people on Twitter and read English, was very beneficial, it has broadened my mind and enshrined me in a broader global vision. The field of possibilities is huge, nevertheless the eco-system in which I subscribe is so small and sometimes stifling.

« Innovation and new ideas can’t diffuse throughout the social web when experts spend all their time talking to experts » Srinivas Rao – The Small Army Strategy

I turn off more often Twitter in the day, I feel that my Timeline looks like BFM TV, with the same news loop all day.

I have discussed this several times with Yannick, who also feels that. Chat with Yannick is also beneficial and enjoyable, it is inspiring and helps expand my vision.

Create the conditions for creativity

I sometimes recognize the conditions that will allow a moment of creativity, a good work session, a « fulgurance ». This is often with music, being got up early, had a restful night’s sleep, but these days, I’m pretty tired. So as did Joel seeking what keeps me awake (the good news is if I am hired, I’ll get a Jawbone Up to improve my sleep) and improving the small details of everyday life that will enable me be creative.

What started it all

One of the triggers for these reflections was certainly the reading of The Small Army Strategy, which is the first book on marketing, social media, which puts people at the center of thinking and gives rather unexpected advice such as regularly emptying your rss feed reader of all sources to choose new ones, follow new people in areas totally unrelated to yours, etc..

All this is still very raw in my mind, I need to digest it all, but I am grateful to these inspiring people; Joel Gascoigne, Srinivas Rao, Yannick Simon, who are speaking with honesty and generosity, they have nothing to prove, which makes their testimony even more valuable (and thanks to Selz who made me discover the book The Small Army Strategy)

To conclude

Because I have to go to sleep, I find as a personal recipe for happiness, in order to be more creative and focused, to head out, to open eyes, to observe the world, read more books on different topics and spend time with those I love the most. It is alive, that I’m happy

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